On A Mission

When we decided to bring Los Shucos to the United States we had to find the right place for us to call home.  San Francisco, a city known for its excellent food, adventuresome spirit, and cultural diversity had all the elements of a population that would embrace and appreciate a novel food item from another country.

San Francisco is definitely a food-driven city, having the highest density of restaurants out of any U.S. city.  And as we all know, each neighbordhood within the city is like its own microcosm.  The scene, the vibe, and even the weather can vary hugely from one neighborhood to the next.

We were looking for a neighborhood with a strong Latin influence, an amazing going-out scene and a spirited crowd that would appreciate the flavor and the economics of the Shuco. 

What better place to launch than right in the heart of the Mission?  And here we are.  It was no small task to get a spot in the Mission, and our cozy storefront location with big, beautiful full length windows that open out onto the sidewalk was an absolute find.  Yet, that was only the beginning of the adventure.

There was still a slew of red tape to cut through in order to make  our impossible mission possible, but we strongly believed that Los Shucos would bring something truly unique to the Mission, tying together the cultural strands of a Latin-infused neighborhood with a Latin-infused culinary delight.

Starting February you will be smelling the wonderful aroma of freshly made Shucos wafting through the air of the streets of Mission.  Whether you’ve been out enjoying the nightlife, taking a break from your work day, or out basking in the best weather the city has to offer, we invite you to stop by and try a delicious Shuco.

When we get to see our customers enjoying a Shuco from Lost Shucos Latin Hot Dogs we can safely declare, “mission accomplished.”

Los Shucos San Francisco


Private Parties

On Monday through Wednesday, a group can book a Shuco Party at the restaurant.
Your group can enjoy the amazing-ness of Shucos with the restaurant all to yourselves. It's a great way to start off a night out, celebrate a birthday or treat the gang for something truly special.

Contact Sofia at info@losshucos.com

Hours of Operation

  • Thursday11 AM - 10 PM
  • Friday11 AM - 12:30 AM
  • Saturday11 AM - 12:30 AM
  • Sunday11 AM - 10 PM


Available 7 Days a Week!

Contact Us

  • 3224 1/2 22nd St. SF, CA 94110

  • (415) 366-3668

  • info@losshucos.com

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