Bringing Our “A Game”: Avocado

If you’ve ever treated your tastebuds to an encounter with a Shuco, among the many flavors your palette will recognize one of the more prominent is that of the avocado.  As such, if you are an avocado aficionado like us, you will most definitely enjoy the generous amounts of aguacate that dons our Latin hot dogs.

When it comes to avocado we definitely bring our “A game”.   Our guacamol (and that’s not a typo, in Guatemala we leave out the “e” at the end) isn’t watered down or mixed together with salsa or any of those shenanigans.

Guacamol, and by now I’m sure you’ve got the spelling down, isn’t the same as the popularized Tex-Mex version you’re probably more familiar with.  It is simply the freshest, high quality avocado, with a hint of lime, the way nature intended it to be eaten.

And there is a reason why Shucos have utilized avocado for all these years, because aguacate makes everything better.

Los Shucos - Bringing our "A game"

Not only is it super delicious, but it turns out it’s one of those rare entities that is good to eat and good for you.  Avocado, in case you didn’t know, is an excellent source of antioxidants and it is the best fruit source of Vitamin E, avocado is a fruit after all, remember?

Also, when eaten with other foods, avocado increases the absorption of other food nutrients, particularly beta carotene and lycopene.  And the good news is you don’t need to know what those are or even pronounce them in order to benefit from them.  So when you eat a Shuco with its copious avocado you get the most bang for your nutrient buck, amazing.

Not only does avocado contain positive nutrients, it also helps take care of some of the byproducts from the other stuff you’ve been eating.  Avocado, a.k.a Aguacate in Spanish, is proven to lower cholesterol and fight heart disease.  The benefits of avocado are well-documented everywhere and Shucos offer you an avocado delivery system that makes it easy to take your medicine.

But most importantly, Shucos offer you a taste experience unless anything else, and isn’t that what food is really all about?

fresh avocados

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