The Story Of Los Shucos


It all started in 1970 with a home made hot dog cart stationed near El Liceo Guatemala school for boys.  There a humble culinary genius decided to spice up a simple American hot dog with the flavors and ingredients of Guatemalan cuisine.

This creation soon became an irresistible staple for the hungry students, who coined the term “Los Shucos”, meaning “Dirty Dogs” and thus, a legend was born. Soon, the reputation of these hot dogs made them the preferred lunchtime fuel for local workers, businessmen and even the well-off executives of the nearby financial district.

With the growing demand for Shucos it wasn’t long before the street corners of every city and town in Guatemala were speckled with Shuco vendors. Their light blue carts bearing the proud color of the Guatemalan flag became a national emblem of taste. Some of these carts have been planted on the same spot for decades, each selling thousands of Shucos per week.


Over time, the more prominent Shuqueros laid their roots with small storefronts for a more comfortable setting.

Still, a major part of the Shuco experience are the hardworking  jaladores, resourceful young men who chase down your car and with their boisterous call of, “¿Cuántos y Con Qué?”, take your order from your window and moments later bring you the customized Shuco you’ve been craving.

Whether enjoyed while sitting at a table, on a soda crate, or in the seat of your car, Shucos have become a part of the cultural fabric of Guatemala.

Shucos have polished up their act over the years and have now become an urban delicacy.  Written about by foodies and travelers, and proudly consumed by virtually everyone in Guatemala, these prolific hot dogs may have come from humble beginnings, but are juggernauts of taste.

Private Parties

On Monday through Wednesday, a group can book a Shuco Party at the restaurant.
Your group can enjoy the amazing-ness of Shucos with the restaurant all to yourselves. It's a great way to start off a night out, celebrate a birthday or treat the gang for something truly special.

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