About Los Shucos Latin Hot Dogs

Thirty years ago the American hot dog took a trip to Guatemala. Seduced by the exotic flavors and spices of the local street cuisine, it found its way onto the perfect, fluffy bread. From this combination of tasty fresh ingredients came the rebellious lovechild known as “El Shuco”.

Filled with nostalgia for this irreplaceable treat from her native Guatemala, Sofia Keck decided to bring the well-loved Shuco to her new home in San Francisco.

Sofia Keck
Sofia Keck

Our vision to bring Latin-influenced hot dogs to America begins in The Mission District. We will proudly serve you not only the classic Guatemalan Shuco but other creations drawn from Latin American cultures and flavors.

Stop by Los Shucos to enjoy an unparalleled Latin street food experience.

Thank you Mission Local and special thanks to Claire Weissbuth for this short video about the story of Los Shucos…

About Los Shucos

30 years ago, on the streets of Guatemala, Shucos were born. We are proud to bring this tradition to San Francisco, using locally-sourced, hand-made ingredients to offer you the most delicious Hot Dog around.


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